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Current research projects

Please see the list below of the current projects Blesma are advertising.

Please note that Blesma cannot guarantee responses or participation.

Projects will not be advertised unless we receive proof of ethical approval from the university.

  • Researcher's name Dr Reza Safari (PI) and Nicola Barnett University University of Derby Supervisor's name Dr Reza Safari Project title Assessment of c…

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  • Researcher's name Hannah Mutlow University University of Winchester Supervisor's name Sarah Hughes Project title Use of digital apps for the long term…

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  • Researcher's name Shloak Mehta University Imperial College London Supervisor's name Professor Alison McGregor and Professor Dario Farina Project title…

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  • Researcher's name Christian Garske University Newcastle University Supervisor's name Dr Kianoush Nazarpour Project title Game user type classification…

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