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Celebrate your life with a gift to Blesma, helping us to support limbless veterans for the rest of their lives.

Once you have provided for your friends and family please consider leaving Blesma a gift in your will.

We believe that once a veteran returns from duty their journey is just beginning, and this is never truer than when they have lost a limb or an eye.

Established in 1932, we are the only charity that supports our ex-service personnel for the duration of their lives; from conflicts old and new, from age 19 to 99 – we strive to make the life they can lead to be a full one – Blesma is for Life.

"Skiing with Blesma was awesome. It was great to get out of the hospital environment with a group of people in the same circumstances, to push myself to the limits again and party a little bit. It made me feel normal again."

Our welfare and grants programme encourages our Members to maintain an independent lifestyle. By working together with our Members we assess their needs and give grants to support them and help alleviate the ever present reality of disability.  This can range from home conversions and stair-lifts to supporting ramps and wheelchairs and even help with the garden.  We also offer support to the Widows and dependents of our Members.

By remembering Blesma in your will, you can help us to go on giving our Members a life after amputation well into the future. After taking care of family and loved ones, a small gift to Blesma will have a big impact. Whatever you decide to leave us, you can be sure it will be used effectively.

You can visit the Remember A Charity website to find out how to leave a gift to charity when making a Will.  

How do I contact the Blesma fundraising team? 


T: 020 8548 7086