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    Scott McNeise is snowboarding down the hill
    10 July 2024

    Scott McNeice had never stood on a snowboard unti

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  • Sharing 90 years of knowledge

    A group of people, including Blesma members and Ukrainian veterans, are seated in a circle. Some attendees are wearing casual clothing, while others are in military uniforms. They appear to be engaged in a discussion or meeting, with a whiteboard containing notes in the background. The atmosphere seems supportive and inclusive.
    2 July 2024

    Blesma members are helping Ukraine’s injured service personnel start to come to terms with living with limb loss. In April, Blesma magazine went along to the groundbreaking new project’s first face-to-face meeting in London.  Ukrainian charities have thanked Blesma for providing a huge boost to their morale and knowledge after taking part in a groundbreaking collaborative project. The innovative idea, called Conversations: Розмови has paired Blesma Members with Ukrainian soldiers who are coming to terms with life after sustaining serious bat

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  • One phone call changed everything

    Cyril and Hazel stand in front of their house
    2 July 2024

    Cyril Crampin had no idea that he was entitled to a war pension until he spoke to Blesma decades after he was injured. To show his gratitude, he decided he would include the association in his will. A newspaper advert caught Cyril Crampin’s eye as he approached retirement. The former Royal Army Service Corps soldier responded to a Blesma advert offering advice about accessing a disabled rail card, but instead Cyril ended up getting help to correct a 36-year injustice after he was injured during National Service. That phone call led to Blesma

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  • “I am not prepared to be unhealthy again"

    A male bodybuilder poses on stage with his back to the camera, flexing his arms in a double biceps pose.
    7 June 2024

    Ciaran Muir pretty much hit rock bottom when he realized that amputation meant giving up the military career he loved. Then he started to build himself up, one rep at a time. Former Infantryman Ciaran Muir was crowned a world champion in a whirlwind three months towards the end of last year. He entered his first bodybuilding competition and soon become not only the British champ, but also the best in the world. For the 33-year-old, who lost his right leg in an IED blast on his first tour of Afghanistan, it was the culmination of a rem

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