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Blesma is an established charity which relies on corporate partnerships and donations, to allow us the flexibility in our approach and to remain open to new or different opportunities. We are therefore able to work closely with you and to make the most of your donations, services and skills.

Your time, commitment and fundraising efforts will allow us to continue to fund groundbreaking rehabilitation events such as sailing across the Atlantic with an all-amputee crew and forming the world’s first amputee freefall skydiving team. We encourage our members to push boundaries and can share this zest for life with your team. 

How do I contact the Blesma corporate partnership team?

Email: Corporate Team

Telephone: 0208 548 7084  

Our Charity Partners

Click on the logos below to find out more about our current Charity Partners.
  • Llyods of London
  • Barclays
  • BAE Systems
  • JD2E
  • West Ham United FC
  • Centro PLC
  • Agility
  • Safeguard Engineering Ltd
  • Surewise


Why work with us?

We work with partner organisations that choose to support Blesma because of the work we do in raising vital funds for all wounded servicemen and women, who have lost limbs, the use of limbs or eyes, to rebuild their lives by providing rehabilitation activities and welfare support. Blesma has a range of bespoke partnership opportunities which can transform the way a business interacts with its employees and the general public whilst simultaneously transforming the lives of our Members.

Charity of the Year

A Charity of the Year partnership with Blesma offers huge benefits. We understand that every company is different; our dedicated fundraising team can help create a bespoke fundraising package that is beneficial to both the charity and your company.



Work with us to:

  • Motivate, develop and support your employees
  • Increase public awareness of your brand
  • Contribute to increased sales and customer loyalty
  • Demonstrate commitment to your community, customers and important stakeholders

Employee Fundraising

Employee fundraising is a fantastic way to engage your colleagues in partnership with Blesma. Whether you plan to get the whole company involved, or a small team who want to organise a one-off fundraising event at work, we would love to hear from you. We are able to provide support, advice and materials to assist you in organising all your fundraising activities.

Mike Swain 13 - Blesma - Military Charity - Member Image
Employee fundraising is a fantastic way to engage your colleagues in a partnership with Blesma.


Donate as a company

Giving a corporate donation to Blesma means that you can claim tax relief by deducting the amount donated from pre-tax profits at the end of your financial year.

Gifts in Kind

We are incredibly grateful for any support that companies can give us as it makes a real difference in the support we can provide to our Members. Donating gifts in kind by providing services or products free of charge either as a one-off or in an ongoing capacity play a big part in supporting our fundraising.


Sponsorship Packages

We have a number of exciting sponsorship opportunities including a range of challenge events. The benefits include featuring in our quarterly magazine, publicity via our social media channels and press releases. In 2021 19.8 million people saw our social media content. 

Why get involved with a charity?

  • Staff Team Building opportunities
  • Increased staff satisfaction and retainment

  • The Halo effect; Positive PR by associating with a good cause

  • Compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Increased perception of the ‘value for money’ of your brand

  • Drive customer footfall into your store/online with an innovative campaign

  • Build trust and loyalty of your brand

  • Strengthen your brand awareness with a key point of differentiation