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For over 80 years, we have received continuous support from charitable trusts and foundations that are committed to our vision. We simply could not survive without this long term support.

If you are a trustee or have links to a charitable trust or foundation and you would like to make a difference to the lives of our limbless serving and ex-service men and women please do not hesitate to contact us. Your money will go towards helping our limbless Members lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Your donation is invaluable to us. We understand that it is important to you that your donation brings the maximum impact to the lives of our veterans. With this in mind, we like to develop long term partnerships and a good relationship with you. This means that we keep you regularly informed of the impact your donation has had on our limbless serving and ex-service men and women. We also provide you with an opportunity to see the life-changing work that our dedicated staffs are achieving.

Our Trust and Foundation Partners

  • Armed Forces Covenant
  • National Lottery Community
  • The National Lottery Community Fund – Awards for All Wales
  • Bernard Sunley Foundation

What your donation could do…

    • £1,000 would pay for a high quality, lightweight wheelchair for limb injured veterans, meaning they can get out and about, spending vital time with friends and family while keeping mobile. A wheelchair for many is key to retaining their independence and being able to continue living in their own home

    • £2,500 would pay for a Blesma Support Officer (BSO) to represent 50 Blesma Members at a NHS Policy meeting. Blesma has a long and proud track record in Representation; seeking and achieving improvements in the War Pension, the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and improvements in prosthetic services so that our Members can be as mobile and independent as possible.

    • £5,500 would pay for 10 Blesma families to have a long weekend away allowing for some relaxing, quality time with their partners, children and other Blesma families allowing them to share their experience of life after limb loss and gain mutual support. Blesma have organised 42 activities for 312 participants in the last year with 97% of Members reporting a positive contribution to long-term well-being.

    • £15,000 would pay for essential home adaptations like stair lifts, that would help 10 amputees to remain living independently in their own homes. In the last year, our Association provided individual grants to 757 recipients to help with the additional costs and hardships of disability.”

How do I contact the Blesma Trusts team?

E: trusts@blesma.org

T: 020 8548 7086 






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We are dedicated to assisting serving and ex-Service men and women who have suffered life-changing limb loss or the use of a limb, an eye or sight. We support these men and women in their communities throughout the UK. Click the link below to find out the different kinds of support we offer.

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