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Researcher's name Mohamed Omar Mohamed

University Manchester Metropolitan University

Supervisor's name Johnny Parr

Project title Trait reinvestment and long-term prosthetic hand acceptance

Outline of project 

Prosthetic hand users often have difficulty performing activities of daily living. Specifically, the unpredictability of a myoelectric prosthetic hand is a key factor in device dissatisfaction and abandonment. However, factors contributing to the unpredictability of these devices have primarily been focused on inherent technological limitations. For example, prolonged periods of use can cause sweating and electrode displacement that impair the effectiveness of the signals.

Whilst these factors cannot be overlooked, the effectiveness of prosthesis control is highly influenced by the cognitive strategies adopted by users as they engage with their device. The tendency to focus internally and consciously process aspects of muscular control has been associated with decreased efficiency and accuracy. It is therefore possible that prosthesis predictability might be related to the trait tendency to consciously monitor aspects of prosthesis control. As part of my PhD project, we are conducting an online survey for prosthesis users to respond. Completion of the survey takes around 5-10 minutes. The aim is to find associations between the tendency to consciously monitor movements and:• Prosthesis satisfaction• Prosthesis predictability• Prosthesis skill• Prosthesis experienceThe link to the survey is currently live and can be accessed via the website address below. survey itself will be accessible for an extended period, but we kindly ask to be listed until May 2023. This would be greatly appreciated.

Contact email 

Contact number 0161 247 5461

Deadline for participants to apply May 2023

Proof of ethical approval /media/forms/upload/form_b71f4243-30a3-4551-9ae0-c894ea32543f/9e6167f5-ff79-46bc-8c56-3661093359a9/a6c3bbf5-b179-48dd-8ab3-90260bea7663/attachmententry-61109.pdf