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Researcher's name

Matilda Hanjari


De Montfort university

Supervisor's name

Dr Esmée Hanna

Project title

An exploration of how religion and culture shape perceptions, experiences and practices of the disposal of amputated limbs in the UK

Outline of project

There is plenty of research focusing on post-amputation experience but very little on disposal of amputated limbs. The question of what happens to the amputated limbs is not adequately addressed and there is limited guidance on this. Knowing how amputated limbs will be disposed is a crucial part of the adjustment process and not addressing this makes the healing process and the realisation of the new self harder for some patients.Various religions and cultures require the body, including amputated limbs to be treated in a specific way. Amputation patients are curious about what would become of their limbs after amputation and often ask whether their amputated limbs are going to be treated in line with their cultural and religious beliefs and with dignity. For this reason, some patients have requested for alternatives on how their limbs should be disposed of. Healthcare professionals do not have the answers because there is no sufficient guidelines to resolve this. This study hopes to bridge this gap by examining cultural and religious factors that affect views and practices of disposal. Objectives of the study are:1)To explore how religion and culture shape patient perceptions, experiences and practices relating to the disposal of amputated limbs.2)To explore HCPs’ experiences and perceptions of the role of religion and culture in the provision of care for patients undergoing amputation.3)To understand the role of religious leaders in supporting amputation patients.This is a qualitative, cross-sectional study using several participants including amputees, HCPs working with amputation patients, and religious leaders.

Contact email

Contact number

0116 257 7119

Deadline for participants to apply

31/12/2022 00:00:00

Proof of ethical approval/media/forms/upload/form_b71f4243-30a3-4551-9ae0-c894ea32543f/9ecdc444-c974-4abf-b5ac-331e6deefd3f/a6c3bbf5-b179-48dd-8ab3-90260bea7663/436072_matilda_hanjari_approval_letter_210222.pdf