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Latest News 30 September 2013

KartForce are looking for Blesma Members to join them for the 2014 racing season

As this year’s race season comes to an end, KartForce are now looking for new drivers for the 2014 season.

They compete in team endurance races from 2hrs to 24hrs all over the country and abroad, entering teams of 3 to 6 drivers that race from the same karts with the drivers changing over throughout the race.

This year KartForce entered 2 teams in over 40 races, including… 

Johnny Herbert Karting Challenge

Henry Surtees Brooklands Challenge

Daytona 24hr

Le Mans 24hr

British 24hr

F1 Deepings 12hr

Inter Services Karting Championships (6 races)

Race Against McLaren (came 2nd beating Team McLaren)

As well as competitions, KartForce also organise introductory sessions so beginners can get to try out karting and get to know the hand controls.  Those that decide they want to compete in races will then be given coaching, sometimes by top racing drivers.  Next step – full adrenalin packed racing with 30 to 40 other teams – “Alive to Drive”!

KartForce don’t enter races just to make up the numbers – they go to race on a totally level playing field.  As the lads say, “There are no passengers in KartForce!”

Blesma Member and KartForce Founder Dave Player says: “KartForce is offering a chance for amputee service personnel to get their adrenaline running and challenge themselves mentally and physically by doing something competitive, as well as fun.

"Blesma has played a huge part of my recovery and karting has helped me find a new purpose to life. I urge like-minded Members to get in touch and try it for themselves.”

Dave Player, Blesma Member and KartForce Founder

KartForce is officially recognised by the Combined Services Sports Board, Battle Back and the British Army Motorsports Association.  All drivers are members of BAMA and have MSA kart licences.

If you’re interested in trying karting, full contact details are below.  There is also lots more info, photos and videos on their web site and Facebook pages. 

Contact               Dave Player

Tel                       01635 770601

Mob                     07824 628029




Twitter                @KartForce


“You don’t need all your limbs to race – just British Bulldog Balls!”


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