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Blesma offers advice and support to Members who may have been fitted for a prosthesis or awaiting fitting. As well as a contact with the Blesma Support Officers regionally there is a dedicated Blesma Support Officer that focuses on Prosthetics matters that can assist if required. Contact between Members can be facilitated where required - sometimes just having someone else to talk to can help.

In the last year we have:

  • Directly supported 130 Members in their dealings with the NHS Limb Service.
  • Upgraded 239 veterans’ prosthetics.
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The world of Prosthetics and Orthotics is rapidly developing and new technologies such as Osseointergration, Micro-processor controlled knees and ‘bionic’ limbs are becoming available.

Blesma works closely with the NHS to ensure the latest advances in the relevant medical fields are converted into practical solutions that can benefit all our Members. We do not provide Member's prosthetics, but we do help prosthetists develop their skills at undergraduate and PhD level.  

Anyone fitted for a prosthesis will know that the socket fit is paramount and it is often the cause of most issues. Blesma keeps up to date with developments in this area and encourages research and development, maintaining close links with NHS centre teams, Defence Medical Services (particularly Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court) and industry.

Blesma understands that you are an individual with individual needs.

How do I contact the Prosthetics Support Officer?


T: 0208 548 7080