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Staying active and socially engaged after injury is essential to continued health and well-being. Blesma’s comprehensive range of activities caters for every level and ability throughout the course of the year, from beginner to serious adventurer. 

Whatever the event, Members help each other out, work together and share experiences. All the activities are free, you’ll just need to get to and from the meeting point. Blesma will also normally pay for accommodation the night before to allow you to travel at your own pace.

Please note that due to the current situation with COVID-19 the following Activities have been cancelled or postponed. These will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

List of cancelled events:

> Widows/ Seniors weeks in May

> Members Weekend

> Belgium Battlefield

> British Virgin Island Sailing

> USO Warrior Week

>NRA Adaptive Shooting

>Isle of Man photography 

List of postponed events:

> Trans4mers Exped (including wind tunnel taster and training)

> Challenge Africa

> Dave Lewan Memorial Midlands Fishing match 

> All golf tuitions (North, Midlands, South)

> Beginners abstract landscape painting

> Introduction to horsemanship

>Introduction to PhotoVoice

>Challenge Africa

>Therapeutic gardening

Under review: 

>Intro to cycling

>Open Lake Swimming

>Archery day

If you have concerns about national Blesma events/activities, you should make contact with the Activities team at Chelmsford. / 020 8548 1124

Local events are likely to be similarly affected, so please double check arrangements with your local Outreach Officer / Support Officer before you make plans to attend.

In the last year we have:

  • Organised 65 activities for 445 participants with 91% of Members reporting a positive contribution to their well being and confidence.

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