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You may be able to get a payment if you have an injury, illness or medical disorder caused or made worse by serving in the military. UK Armed Forces service claims can be made for both physical and mental health conditions through the Armed Forces Compensation.

The Armed Forces Compensation (AFCS) compensates for any injury, illness or death caused by active service, on or after 6th April, 2005.

Claims can be made within seven years of your injury or illness. You can still make a claim if you are currently serving within the Armed Forces.

If you’ve experienced an injury or service-related illness before 6th April 2005, you can make a claim through The War Pension Scheme (WPS).

How does the Scheme work?

If you feel you are eligible, you will need to make a claim online or by post by filling in the Gov.uk Armed Forces Compensation Scheme application form

To send your application by post you will need to ask for a form through Veterans UK. Their telephone helpline is 0808 1914 218. Alternatively you can email veterans-uk@mod.gov.uk. Once you’ve contacted Veterans UK, they will send you an application form and pre-paid envelope.

Need further assistance? At Blesma, we have a wealth of knowledge around the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. We fully understand and appreciate that it can be daunting and confusing when working through the AFC application forms. 

If you’re a Blesma Member, our team of Support Officers can offer advice and assistance with AFC applications, complete paperwork and also aid you at Armed Forces Tribunal hearings. 

If you’d like assistance from your local Support Officer with making a claim, you can find their contact details on our Blesma Support Officer page. 

On the other hand, if you’re not a Blesma Member but have suffered a life changing injury, either during or after your service you could be eligible for Blesma Membership.

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Different types of compensation available

If you are successful with your claim, there are two different types of compensation awards through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme:

  1. A tax free lump sum payment for pain and suffering
  2. A tax free index linked monthly payment for life which is known as a Guaranteed Income Payment (GIP) 

The size and type of compensation is dependent on the severity of your injury or illness, and whether your injury or illness could affect your future career prospects.

When applying, it’s also important to note that the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme is separate from any other personal accident cover you may already obtain, such as Personal Accident cover or Life Insurance.

How long does the process take after making a claim?

After making a claim, your case will go through a tribunal. 

The length of how long it takes to receive an answer or your compensation will be dependent on the complexity of your service-related injury or illness. Remember, if you’re a Blesma Member you can discuss any queries you may have with your Support Officer. 

If you’re unsuccessful, please refer to the useful diagram provided by Gov.uk which explains how The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Appeal process works. 

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