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Current research projects

Please see the list below of the current projects Blesma are advertising.

Please note that Blesma cannot guarantee responses or participation.

Projects will not be advertised unless we receive proof of ethical approval from the university.

  • A person-based approach to the development of Upper-limb prostheses

    Researcher's name Leen Jabban University University of Bath Supervisor's name Benjamin Metcalfe Project title A person-based approach to the deve…

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  • Head Injuries (TBI) & Health Outcomes Survey

    Researcher's name Syeda Hussain University Bravo Victor Supervisor's name Professor Renata Gomes Project title Head Injuries (TBI) & Health Out…

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  • Trait reinvestment and long-term prosthetic hand acceptance

    Researcher's name Mohamed Omar Mohamed University Manchester Metropolitan University Supervisor's name Johnny Parr Project title Trait reinvestment…

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  • An exploration of how religion and culture shape perceptions, experiences and practices of the disposal of amputated limbs in the UK

    Researcher's name Matilda Hanjari University De Montfort university Supervisor's name Dr Esmée Hanna Project title An exploration of how religi…

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