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Current research projects

Please see the list below of the current projects Blesma are advertising.

Please note that Blesma cannot guarantee responses or participation.

Projects will not be advertised unless we receive proof of ethical approval from the university.

  • Exploring Immersive Support for People Affected by Phantom Limb Pain

    Researcher's name Logan Wade University University of Bath Supervisor's name James Bilzon Project title Exploring Immersive Support for People…

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  • Effects of arm cycling on trunk motor function after spinal cord injury

    Researcher's name Dr Chloe Chiou & Miss Emma Alexander University University of Birmingham Supervisor's name Dr Chloe Chiou Project title E…

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  • University of Salford

    Understanding the transition to civilian life for ex-Service personnel with physical conditions

    Researcher's name Cormac Lawler University University of Salford Supervisor's name Celia Hynes Project title Understanding the transition to ci…

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  • Teesside University

    Peoples’ experiences of phantom limb pain and their perceptions of self-management

    Researcher's name Andrew Graham University Teesside University Supervisor's name Prof. Cormac Ryan Project title Peoples’ experiences of phanto…

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