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Blesma News

Latest news from Blesma, The Limbless Veterans


  • Three leading charities supporting disabled veterans announce new partnership

    26 May 2022

    Three leading charities supporting disabled veterans announce new partnership It was announced today that three leading charities in the military charity sector are working together to form the Disabled Veterans Charity Partnership (DVCP).  The DVCP, made up of Blesma, Blind Veterans UK and Help for Heroes, is driven by the belief that better coordination, collaboration and shared effort between the charities will lead to greater effectiveness in their overall and shared aim to impr

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  • Benefits update

    Benefits section
    24 May 2022

    Disability Benefits In this publication we are raising awareness of disability benefits, which are for people who have difficulty with their personal care, or in some cases their mobility. The difficulties can be due to a physical or mental health condition. Disability benefits are: Non means tested (it does not matter how much income or capital you have) Tax free Paid whether you are in or out of work You will need to have lived in the UK for two out of the last three years. Which benefit

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  • All Smiles at the Make a Smile Lottery!

    Make a smile lotto
    19 May 2022

    On April 28th Blesma Member Nik Eley joined Blesma staff on an outing to the Make a Smile lottery gardens in Colchester. The trip was organised into order to take some new images to help promote the lottery, which has so far raised over £237,000 for Blesma. As well as being a photoshoot, the trip was an opportunity for the Make a smile Lottery staff to hear how the funds they raise make a difference, directly from a Blesma Member. “I did rather well in the army. I came out relatively unscathed, and had rather a successful career until 2018.” Nik told

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  • Blesma backing helps injured veteran reach Mt. Everest summit on third attempt

    Les Binns climbing Mount Everest thanks to support from Blesma
    15 May 2022

    An injured Ex-soldier, who abandoned ascent to Mount Everest TWICE to save climbers, has finally summited the world’s highest Mountain, Mount Everest.  With unfinished business with the mountain, Les, who was blinded in his left eye after an Afghanistan Blast, began his push to ascend the summit on Tuesday 10 May with the aim of reaching the 8,849m peak in the early hours of Saturday morning. “On Friday 13th May at around 6 am I finally stood on the summit of Mount Everest!” said Les, who has the last m

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