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Latest news from Blesma, The Limbless Veterans


  • Calling all serving personnel and military veterans with chronic pain

    Pain Survey
    9 June 2022

    Can you Help? - The British Pain Society - Patient Voice Survey Chronic Pain is an issue that affects both serving personnel and very many in the veteran community. As a result several military charities and other private health care providers offer bespoke pain management support exclusively to military veterans. Unsurprisingly, chronic pain (in all its forms) is also an issue in the wider community; Several national organisations exist that aim to provide wider help and support to professionals and patients concerned with the treatment and manag

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  • A Volunteers Week Thank you!

    Volunteers Week
    6 June 2022

    Volunteers Week From the 1st June to the 7th June it’s National Volunteers week! Our volunteers are an important part of the fabric of Blesma’s support offerings. Sacrificing their own time to support our Members, we want to use National Volunteers week to thank every single one of them for their tireless work. Whether they are helping out at Bucket collections, offering transport to and from Blesma activities, or simply acting as a friendly voice on the end of the phone for an isolated Member, they are absolutely vital to ou

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  • A Summary of the Falklands War

    Falklands war summary
    1 June 2022

    The Falklands War Diplomatic tensions between the UK and Argentina reached boiling point in 1982, when the Argentinian flag was raise over the remote island of South Georgia in the South Atlantic. Within two weeks, Argentinian troops landed on the Falkland Islands and the UK became involved in an undeclared war with Argentina on 02 April 1982. The Falkland islands are 8,000 miles away from the UK, and were soon to become a warzone. The Falklands War lasted for 74 days, and would test the endurance and tolerance of British Forces.  255 British milita

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  • Remembering the Falklands War: Bill Belcher's Story

    Falklands War
    28 May 2022

    Remembering the Falklands war: Bill's Story 40 years ago today, Bill Belcher was injured whilst serving in the Falklands war. Here is his story, as told to Blesma in 2018 for our commemorative magazine... Why did you decide to join the military? I became interested in joining the Royal Marines and seeing the world during my last two years at school. I signed up in 1971, when I was 16. Where did your service take you? All around the Mediterranean; Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Gibraltar, as well as the USA and the

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