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Blesma News

Latest news from Blesma, The Limbless Veterans


  • £700,000 fund will expand provision of MPKs in Wales

    Limb Centre
    26 April 2021

    Advanced Microprocessor-controlled knees are now available to Wales residents whose amputation was not attributed to military service.  Vaughan Gething, Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services, has announced a £700,000 fund to provide microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knees (MPK) to a wider group of people living in Wales. The announcement brings Wales into line with the rest of the UK and will benefit a number of Members who have had above-knee amputations that were not attributable to military service. “This announcement is wonderful news

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  • Shaping the Future - The study that aims to understand the needs of families living with loss of use of limb

    Loss of Use of Limb
    24 April 2021

    A new research study, spearheaded by Blesma, will aim to understand the experiences of families living with loss of use of limb. The findings will influence how the Association supports Members going foward. In the summer of 2018 Blesma published pioneering research that revealed the necessity for a radical new approach to supporting veterans and their families who were trying to cope with the wide-ranging impacts of limb loss. The 18-month study, which interviewed more than 70 Blesma Members and their immediate families, identified the need for sig

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  • New Amputation surgery gives better control of residual muscles

    MIT Research
    17 April 2021

    Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have discovered a new type of amputation surgery that allows amputees to have improved control of their residual muscles and a better sense of where their ‘phantom limb’ is. Researchers believe this could translate to better control of prosthetic limbs and a reductionin limb pain. In most amputations, the muscles that control joints such as elbows and ankles are severed. The MIT team has found that reconnecting these muscle pairs, allowing them to retain their normal pus

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  • Celebrate with Blesma this VE Day!

    VE Day Celebrations
    11 April 2021

    VE (Victory in Europe) Day in May 1945 signified an end to six long years of devastating warfare which took the lives of millions and injured 75 million people globally. In towns and cities right across the UK, the relief of victory was celebrated with street parties, dancing and singing. Blesma is delighted to once again unite its Members, supporters, friends, and families in commemoration of that special historic day 76 years ago. A special online event will be held from 2-3pm on 08 May showcasing nostalgic war-time music from a live band. Why not gather

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