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Blesma News

Latest news from Blesma, The Limbless Veterans


  • Fishing retreat built to help veterans with their rehab

    Former soldier Robert Maxwell
    13 February 2021

    Former soldier Robert Maxwell, who lost an arm in a road accident in 2004, has opened a fishing retreat to help wounded, injured and sick veterans. He began transforming five acres of his father’s farm in Clough, Northern Ireland in 2016 with the help of fellow veterans. “When we started the project, I had no concept of what it would cost or how long it would take,” said Robert. “ Some 300 people have passed through here since the pandemic started, and every one of those veterans has really benefitted from the fishing lake,” he said. As an injured veteran, Robert kno

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  • Headley Court "An absolutely groundbreaking place"

    Headley Court
    7 February 2021

    The name Headley Court will resonate with almost every single military amputee of the last few decades. The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Surrey, which was operational between 1985 and 2018, set thousands of members of the British Armed Forces on the road to recovery. Among limbless veterans, ‘Headley’ quite simply became shorthand for rehab. But while the building and its staff mean different things to everyone who has passed through the doors of the imposing mansion and spent time in its beautiful gardens, the advances in rehabilitation that wer

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  • Will you represent Blesma in E-sports?

    3 February 2021

    Blesma are looking for a team of gaming Members to represent the Association in E-sports tournaments and play alongside some of the greatest gamers in the Military world. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid Gamer, or just getting started, all are welcome to take part. We are looking to assemble a varied team who can represent us in a range of tournaments, so whether you are an Xbox, Playstation, PC or even a Nintendo player, you will no doubt find someone to game with! There is no need for you to stream your gaming; though you are of course welcome to if you wish. If you ar

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  • Grand Prize Draw winners 2021

    Grand Prize Draw winners 2021
    3 February 2021

    The lucky winners of the highly anticipated Grand Prize Draw have been announced. The winning numbers were: 1st prize winning £1000- ticket: 34772 2nd prize winning £250- ticket: 60321 3rd prize winning £200- ticket: 43917 Prizes were sponsored by... 1st prize -£1000- Cento PLC 2nd prize- £250- Bolt Burdon Kemp 3rd prize - £200- AQ branding

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