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Blesma News

Latest news from Blesma, The Limbless Veterans


  • Blesma Christmas Carol Concert

    Christmas Carol
    21 November 2022

    Celebrate the magical music of Christmas with Blesma! Join us on Tuesday 13th December 2022 for Blesma's Christmas Carol Service at Chelmsford Cathedral. Blesma based in Chelmsford is a national Armed Forces charity dedicated to supporting limbless and wounded veterans. The Service will start at 7.30pm and will include a number of Christmas readings and carols. We also have a fantastic soprano singers Classic Reflections performing. Following the service there will be an opportunity to mingle with our staff, members and other supporters, whilst you enjoy mul

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  • Steve has been bowled over by Blesma support

    Steve Pendleton
    7 November 2022

      Steve with his Blesma funded wheelchair Steve Pendleton lost his sight, his left leg and the hearing in his right ear in a helicopter crash 30 years ago while serving with 1st Battalion Royal Green Jackets in Northern Ireland.

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  • Three Members go on record to mark Blesma's 90th anniversary

    Blesma video
    4 November 2022

    Go behind the scenes at the filming of Blesma’s 90th anniversary commemorative video. Can you hold your hands up in front of your face and clap once?” the video director asks Lamin Manneh as he prepares to start recording. Lamin looks down at his right hand and then across to where his left arm stops midway between his shoulder and where his elbow used to be. “No!” he replies. Cue an awkward pause, followed by profuse apologies from the video director that are drowned out by Lamin’s infectious belly laugh. It’s not the start you might expect to a day shooting a poignant film to co

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  • This year, Michael Mellon will captain Scotland in the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup

    Michael Mellon
    11 October 2022

    The crunching sound of metal on metal fills the sports centre as wheelchairs smash headlong into each other. The repetitive collisions test the strength of the frames to the limit and send shockwaves through the players’ bones, muscles and tendons. And this is just the warm-up! Welcome to wheelchair rugby league; a sport played at heavy metal thunder levels in which an irresistible flow of action rages across an indoor sports arena, punctuated by feints, swerves and misdirection as well as a conveyor belt of crashes, smashes and tumbles from wheelchairs. It’s World Cup year for the

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