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Blesma News

Latest news from Blesma, The Limbless Veterans


  • Burn Gliding Club

    Burn Gliding Club
    30 September 2013

      Terry Bassett is a retired instructor at Burn Gliding Club in North Yorkshire but still flies regularly.  For years now, Blesma has enjoyed a close relationship with the Club which provides free gliding lessons to Members, giving them the opportunity to fly in specially adapted gliders. Here, Terry tells us a bit about the Club and its relationship with Blesma. “My father lost his leg during the Second World War and became a Blesma member.  Although my brothers, sister and I were born later, we appreciated the support that Blesma gave to both my mother and father, who have

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  • Operation Long Run

    Operation Long Run
    21 August 2013

    The final report kindly sent into us by the OLR Team! About two years ago an idiot called Mike Crawley suggested that as a ‘retirement wheez’ he would like to run round Britain!  He thought Mike Inkster might be daft enough to join him as he was not one to turn down a challenge, so the concept of Operation Long Run was born. Both Mikes have long backgrounds in ultra-endurance undertakings of one sort or another so after some initial investigation and discussion they formulated a plan. They would attempt to get round Britain, on foot, in 50 days. The

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  • KartForce

    19 August 2013

    Blesma Members Sapper Tom Folwell, Corporal Davie Birrell, Private Mark Allen and Private Ryan Goodman – who have lost eight legs between them – have featured in The Daily Mirror and on their website for making history by competing in Britiain's toughest 24-hour karting event this Bank Holiday weekend. The team were brought together by KartForce, an organisation founded by Dave Player that helps injured service personnel get into motorsport through specially adapted Karts. 'Team Legs' (as the guys nicknamed themselves!) will become the first team of injured troops to compete

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  • Chairman's Address

    Blesma Chairman
    13 June 2013

    We are coming through a period of change and we need to respond to this. It is a touch difficult for us to appreciate just how much things have changed as a result of recent events, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Cedric Delves  There has been increasing clarity in our world – the Service Charity world. The increased visibility of the Armed Forces and their activities resulted in a huge up swell of public sympathy and support. Government provision has improved out of recognition – it’s not ju

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