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Latest News 7 November 2022

Steve has been bowled over by Blesma support


Steve Pendleton (2)
Steve with his Blesma funded wheelchair

Steve Pendleton lost his sight, his left leg and the hearing in his right ear in a helicopter crash 30 years ago while serving with 1st Battalion Royal Green Jackets in Northern Ireland.

When he recently started using a wheelchair full time, he decided to learn a new skill. “Last June, I had to start using my wheelchair permanently and soon discovered the Rochester Blind Bowling Group,” said the 53 year old.

“Blind bowlers use a string that runs from the mat to the jack. My wife guides me by lining me up to get me on target, then I just do the bowls

STEVE HAS BEEN BOWLED OVER BY BLESMA SUPPORT and hope to get close. I really enjoy it and have become quite good at it.”

In April, as the weather became warmer, the club moved to an outdoor venue and Steve was left with a wheelchair that was unsuitable. “I needed to get a specialist lawn green wheelchair, so I contacted Blesma.

The Association funded the wheelchair, and my Support Officer even brought it to my house.

I don’t get out much now that I use the wheelchair, so I really enjoy the social aspect of bowling as well as playing the sport. It’s having a positive impact on my emotional wellbeing, too,

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