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Latest News 12 July 2022

‘Sheila the Agila’ embarks on 27,000-mile roadtrip

A prosthetist and an occupational therapist are gearing up for the adventure of a lifetime in which they will drive a 27,000-mile ‘rally’ in a 19-year-old Vauxhall Agila in aid of Blesma.

Doug Oldrey and Alex Hunter were set to take on the Mongol Rally in 2020, but after the event was recently cancelled for the third year in a row, the couple from Oxford decided to plan their own route.

To complete the rally, they have converted ‘Sheila the Agila’ into a camper and fitted it out with a bed, kitchen and lighting.

“Alex and I spoke about the Mongol Rally on our first date; we loved the idea of a ridiculous adventure in rubbish cars,” said Doug.

“Knowing the event was likely to be cancelled again this year, we organised our own equally challenging and ridiculous event – the Long Loop Rally – with two other teams.”

The pair plan to drive their way around Europe, Africa and Asia, taking in a total 29 countries.

“We will attempt to reach the most westerly, southerly and northerly points of mainland Europe as well as going as far east in Asia as we can,” said Alex.

“We are planning a total of 507 hours of driving and can’t wait to get going!”

Blesma Waved Doug and Alex off from their starting point in Oxfordshire on Saturday 9th of July. 

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