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Latest News 3 February 2021

Will you represent Blesma in E-sports?

Blesma are looking for a team of gaming Members to represent the Association in E-sports tournaments and play alongside some of the greatest gamers in the Military world.

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid Gamer, or just getting started, all are welcome to take part. We are looking to assemble a varied team who can represent us in a range of tournaments, so whether you are an Xbox, Playstation, PC or even a Nintendo player, you will no doubt find someone to game with!

There is no need for you to stream your gaming; though you are of course welcome to if you wish. If you are a streamer, let us know and we can host your streams through the Game on for Blesma Twitch channel.

Screenshot 3
Jack Cummings is part of the Team

Being a part of the team will mean joining our Game on for Blesma community on Discord, a forum dedicated to bringing Blesma Gamers together, whether they be Members, Staff or Supporters.

You will also take part in gaming tournaments and friendly matches, representing Blesma against other charities and organisations. Of course, if you ever fancy a casual game this is also a great way to meet other Members to play with – or against!

Members who join the Blesma Esports Team will receive a Game on for Blesma Hoody and T-shirt.

We have already received invitations to take part in Tournaments against the British Army, RAF and Air Force from February onwards! Will you join us?

To find out more about Gaming with Blesma or sign up to join the Team, please contact



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