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Blesma Updates for 2021, covering news, activities and fundraising events for limbless veterans. 

  • From South Africa to Chelmsford in seconds

    From South Africa to Chelmsford in seconds
    2 January 2022

    An isolated veteran living in South Africa is connecting with his friends online for the first time with the help of Blesma’s Digital Inclusion Programme. Leo Kirk, 87, contacted Blesma last June after he felt disconnected from those around him during the height of the pandemic. “I saw lots of wonderful online activities in Blesma Magazine , and I wanted to get involved,” said the REME veteran who lost his right leg below the knee in a road traffic accident.

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  • Rosemarie Heggie - Obituary

    Rosemarie Heggie
    30 December 2021

    When Rosemarie Heggie was 14 years old her family home was destroyed in The Blitz. “The whole street was taken out. My mum and dad were killed. I was very badly burned by the fire, but incredibly lucky to be alive because I was buried under rubble,” she told Blesma Magazine several years ago. Rosemarie had to go through a major ordeal afterwards, too. “I was pulled out of the debris but I was in a lot of pain and my right leg had to be amputated below the knee. It was a real shock.” After she recovered Rosemarie was first sent to Bright

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  • When Lexi Met Tania

    TMR Surgery
    28 December 2021

    Pain has been a gnawing, debilitating and constant companion for Lexi Chambers for the best part of 20 years. The former Royal Signals soldier, marathon runner and award-winning fitness instructor, has endured eight surgical operations over eight years, starting with the removal of a toe and culminating several years ago with the elective amputation of her left leg. Along the way, her diary has been crammed with medical appointments, procedures, reviews and an ever-increasing cocktail of painkillers, antibiotics and opiates to quell the excruciating pain that

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  • The Veteran's Gateway

    The Veteran's Gateway
    23 December 2021

    The Blesma office is closed between 24th December and 3rd January. If you are in need of any guidance or support over the festive period, please consider contacting the Veterans’ Gateway, which is open 24/7 including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. How do I contact the Veterans Gateway?

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