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Latest News 20 January 2021

The Resilience Sessions Series 2 - Bonus Episode

The Resilience Sessions is a podcast that brings together injured veterans from Blesma and a well known public figure, to share their stories of overcoming challenge of all kinds.

Through these conversations our guests chat to one another about their experiences, sharing how they have navigated their ups and downs, finding often surprising common ground, and showing that what is most personal is often most universal.

The Resilience Sessions grew out of the Making Generation R campaign, which has trained injured veterans to tell their stories to over 100,000 front line workers, first responders and young people.

Though the series has ended, this week Hannah Whittingham, the producer of The Resilience Sessions speaks to presenters Alice Driver, founder of the Making Generation R programme, and Stewart Harris, veteran and Making Generation R speaker.

As well as picking out their most poignant and memorable moments from the series, they chat about the Making Generation R programme behind The Resilience Sessions, the impact telling his story has had on Stewart, and about the work of Blesmat, and The Drive Project.

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