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Latest News 30 July 2021

Online activities helped Lorraine ‘find a purpose’

A Blesma Widow feels as though she has found her purpose again thanks to help from the Association.

Lorraine Anderson, who lost her husband George in December 2019, has found a new support network and discovered new hobbies and skills by taking part in the local
online activities that have been organised by the Association over the past year.

“Shortly after my husband died, I broke my arm and caught Covid. After I got the plaster off I found myself just sitting at home in a fog. I just gave up,” said the former Ward Sister from Forres, Scotland.

“Then I got an email from Blesma asking if I’d like to attend the Making Connections: Communication workshop. I thought I’d give it a go as all I knew about a laptop
was how to turn it on!”

Through the workshop, Lorraine learned basic laptop and video calling skills, which subsequently enabled her to explore and enjoy activities such as yoga, Tai Chi, pottery and shiatsu throughout lockdown. She also rediscovered her love of art.

“The Zoom meetings and activities have meant a lot to me. They have given me a reason to get up in the morning. They have also introduced me to a community
I wouldn’t have otherwise met. Several of us now exchange emails and calls outside of the organised activities.”

Lorraine now even hosts an online quiz for Members in Scotland, which has become very popular.

“I have tried to take part in as many activities as possible,” said Lorraine. “There was a big hole in my life after George left, and Blesma’s Zoom activities have filled
a bit of that. I’m very grateful.”


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