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Latest News 13 February 2021

Fishing retreat built to help veterans with their rehab

Former soldier Robert Maxwell, who lost an arm in a road accident in 2004, has opened a fishing retreat to help wounded, injured and sick veterans.

He began transforming five acres of his father’s farm in Clough, Northern Ireland in 2016 with the help of fellow veterans.

“When we started the project, I had no concept of what it would cost or how long it would take,” said Robert. “ Some 300 people have passed through here since the pandemic started, and every one of those veterans has really benefitted from the fishing lake,” he said.

As an injured veteran, Robert knows all about the importance of rehabilitation in veteran’s recovery, and believes fishing offers many benefits.

When veterans come here they are encouraged to relax in a calm environment – and there’s the added excitement of catching a fish.

Robert Maxwell
Fishing Retreat (2)
By the water
Fishing Retreat (4)
Founder Robert Maxwell

“Blesma showed me what rehabilitation was and how it can be tailored for veterans”

“We are always asking visitors what they would like to see more of. We are working on accessibility for everyone, while also creating different aspects to the facility, such as photography, art and allotments,” said Robert.

For more about the project, contact Rob on or 07902 121859

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