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Latest News 15 May 2021

Blesma paves the way for driveway renovation

After moving house two years ago, Jack Otter was saving to renovate his “depressing” driveway.

But when the quotes he received were all more than £23,000, he approached Blesma for support.

“The driveway had been a mess for a while,” said Jack, who lost both his legs and his left arm above the elbow in an IED attack in 2009.

Jack Otter Driveway (6)
Jack's driveway was 'depressing' and unsafe for him prior to the renovation

“It was uneven, which caused me to trip on several occasions. It depressed me, but to redo it was proving to be expensive. By the time I approached Blesma, my BSO had met Jason Owen of EJM Paving, who offered his services.”

Jason offered his time and skills for free and even persuaded fellow tradesman and contacts to provide materials at cost.

“My wife and I like to help charities,” said Jason. “I’m sure Jack has helped many people before, and as we were in a position to help this time, we wanted to give Jack the driveway he deserved. Once others heard his story, they wanted to help, too.”

Jack’s driveway was finished in January, with the final costs – less than half the original quotes – being split between Jack and the Association.

“Blesma has helped me out massively as I wouldn’t have got the driveway done without the Association’s involvement,”

“I’m really happy with the job and grateful to Blesma as well as to Jason and the team who completed it. It’s smart and flat, and I haven’t tripped yet!”

Jack Otter Driveway (5)
Now Jack's driveway is smart - and safe!

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