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Latest News 10 September 2021

Access healthcare through Veterans Trauma Network

Veterans Trauma Network - NHS led veterans' care

Did you know that can use the Veterans Trauma Network (VTN) to access NHS healthcare? The only criteria are that you must be a veteran and that the physical healthcare issue must be as the result of military service. The service follows existing NHS pathways and is currently available across England and Wales.

What is it?

The VTN is a collection of 13 NHS Veteran Trauma Centres and four specialist units, each with military and civilian medical experts who will be able to help you with your physical service-related issues.

They will work with you to develop the best clinical plan for your needs.

The VTN will not necessarily prioritise you over other NHS patients. The aim is to get you to the teams who can understand your needs and deal with them appropriately. Your care will be prioritised on clinical need, in the spirit of The Armed Forces Covenant, as would happen with any NHS patient. No other NHS patient will be disadvantaged by the VTN.

Who is it for?

You must have served for at least one day in the UK Armed Forces. You must be entitled to routine NHS care (eg meet residency requirements). The health need you have must be as a result of your military service.

Why is it needed?

It has been recognised that some military veterans have specific health issues related to their service.

The expertise to deal with these problems can be found in the VTN. Getting you to the right team will be better for you and will support your family and GP. The VTN will also help you and your families to access other kinds of non-medical help and advice.

Getting you the right support


The VTCs are:

Plymouth Birmingham Nottingham Leeds

Middlesborough Liverpool Bristol Oxford

London (3 centres) Brighton Cambridge

The specialist units are:

Preston Salisbury Frimley Park East Grinstead

There are clinicians with different specialities in the above locations so your care may not necessarily be local to you – The VTN will find the best person to support your health needs.

What does the VTN deal with?

Despite the name “trauma”, VTN deals with all physical health issues in veterans as a result of their time in service - from recurrent heat illness to problems after limb loss, from traumatic brain injury

to service-related fertility issues. They are closely linked with veterans Mental Health Services and charities such as Blesma and Blind Veterans UK so can offer comprehensive care focused around your needs.


All that is required is for you to do is to tell your GP about the VTN and ask your GP to refer you to the central VTN hub, which they can do by emailing The VTN can do the rest and will keep you and your GP informed. If you would like any assistance or further information about this service, please contact your Blesma Support Officer in the first instance.

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