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Latest News 30 September 2013

Burn Gliding Club


Terry Bassett is a retired instructor at Burn Gliding Club in North Yorkshire but still flies regularly.  For years now, Blesma has enjoyed a close relationship with the Club which provides free gliding lessons to Members, giving them the opportunity to fly in specially adapted gliders. Here, Terry tells us a bit about the Club and its relationship with Blesma.

“My father lost his leg during the Second World War and became a Blesma member.  Although my brothers, sister and I were born later, we appreciated the support that Blesma gave to both my mother and father, who have sadly both passed. 

I myself have been involved with the Blesma Home at Blackpool since the late 1960s doing a lot of volunteer work, most recently installing the electrics into the home’s bar, ‘The Legless Arms’.  It’s been a pleasure to help arrange visits to Burn Gliding Club for the Blesma members but thanks must also be given to my fellow members of Burn Gliding Club who have given their support in providing free lessons to Blesma Members, including Chairman Tony Flannery and the committee. The club is run on a voluntary basis, so there are no paid instructors or members.”

For anyone who would like to experience a trial lesson or who requires further information please look at the club’s website: or go to the British Gliding Association’s website to find your local gliding club:   

Gliding is a past-time that Blesma members may enjoy throughout the country as there are now many gliding clubs that have specially adapted sailplanes (gliders) to cater for any disability.  

Contact your local club for more information.


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