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Gravity is no obstacle when underwater...

What can take huge amounts of effort on land suddenly becomes very manageable when kitted out and below the surface.  Don't think that it's easy though, there's a lot to learn and floating through the alien of the sea-bed can prove a significant challenge.  However, it's a challenge that anyone can overcome and the rewards are amazing.

For those who've never been diving before, Blesma has a team of highly qualified diving instructors with an amazing track record of training those with all types of injuries.  The first phase of PADI Open Water training will take place in the classroom and the pool to build the skills and confidence to advance to the fun stuff.

Two people Scuba diving
Scuba Diving Try Dives

Scuba Diving

21 Sept 2024  - 1PM

Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater and explore the world beneath the waves? If so, this introductory diving session may be just the thing for you. It will provide you with opportunity to learn to dive with experienced instructors in the safety of dive pools whilst working towards your PADI qualifications.

Available to all but subject to medical clearance.
Scuba Diving Expedition

Scuba Diving

19 Oct 2024  - 27 Oct 2024


A great chance to enjoy some of the world’s best scuba diving in warm water.

Anyone who can move up and down stairs on a 60ft dive boat with minimal assistance.