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We are absolutely delighted to receive support from the Armed Forces Covenant, through the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust for current programmes that help Blesma Members and their families.

Making Generation R Programme

Making Generation R programme helps improve the mental health and well-being of limbless and injured veterans through providing bespoke training and ongoing support to enable veterans to gain the practical, social and emotional skills to share their stories of overcoming adversity to help build resilience in their communities.

Total funding of £70,000 in 2020 and 2021 through the Positive Pathways programme.

Outreach Programme in Scotland

Outreach work in Scotland provides local (and virtual) fellowship activities and support for limbless and injured veterans, their families, carers and widows in areas across Scotland. This helps reduce isolation by bringing Blesma Members and their families together, enabling them to develop ongoing peer to peer and inter-generational support networks.

Total funding of nearly £75,000 over three-years (2020 to 2023) through the Removing Barriers to Family Life programme.

Sporting Activities Programme

Sporting activities will support the mental health and wellbeing of limbless veterans UK-wide. Through these activities, including veteran-led pursuits, Members will connect with each other, build friendships, learn new skills, and feel better able to tackle the ongoing challenges of limb-loss and disability.

Total funding of £35,000 for 2021-2022 through the Positive Pathways programme.

Creative/Therapeutic Activities in the South West of England

Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

Blesma’s programme of Creative and Therapeutic Activities in the South West will help our limbless and injured veterans stay active in their communities and continue to receive the vital human contact that they need, helping to improve their overall wellbeing and feelings of isolation.  Activities include virtual yoga, online arts and crafts, face to face community-based outings and activities and a Member-led, and Outreach supported, Photography Group.

Total funding of £15,935 in 2021-2022 through the Forces for Change programme.