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Charity skydive with team Blesma by tandem skydiving for our wounded veterans.

Skydive for Blesma

Want to experience a charity skydive? Book your charity skydive today and help raise vital funds for our limbless veterans. 

Two ways to get involved 


Jump at the biggest dropzone in Devon at Dunkeswell airfield, EX14 4LGWe ask you pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship of £395 inclusive of the registration fee, and there's £16.85 payable on the day for insurance. 

Book a Skybuzz jump today!


You can jump from anyone of these airfields throughout the UK on a day that suits you.

    • Auchterarder
    • Brackley
    • Bridlington
    • Brigg
    • Cambrideshire
    • Coleraine
    • Cornwall
    • Durham
    • Errol
    • Grange-over-sands
    • Haverfordwest
    • Honiton
    • Lancaster
    • Maidstone
    • Norwich
    • Nottingham
    • Old-Sarum
    • Sailsbury
    • St Andrews
    • Swansea
    • Whitchurch

The sponsorship varies depending on which UK airfield you pick.

Book a Skyline jump today!

What to expect? 

Matt's Story...

Matt Weston was just 20 when he lost three limbs to a bomb blast in Afghanistan. 

"All I remember is a flash, my ears ringing, and the sense of falling. I lost both my legs and my right arm below the elbow in the blast. My rehab has been long, slow and difficult. I was in intensive care for a while and was in hospital for three months, and I've just had my fiftieth operation."

"If my chair breaks and I can't repair it, Blesma will get it done. I was in a bad place after my injury but Blesma have been there for me, by my side from day one."

Matt_Weston_017 Hi.jpg
Skydive for Blesma and support our limbless veterans

What type of jump would you recommend?

The airfields offer three different jump types: - Tandem - Static line - Accelerated freefall.

The most popular skydive is a tandem jump. This is the perfect experience for your first time jump as you are attached to an instructor who does the majority of the work for you. This leaves you free to enjoy the view!

Both the static line and accelerated freefall jumps require a full day of training which you must pass before being able to complete these jumps.

What are the weight restrictions? Highest and lowest?

The weight limits for men and women can vary dramatically between our airfields – you can click here to see the limits at each airfield. Just click on your selected airfield to see the details.

What are the age restrictions?

For the tandem skydives the minimum age is 16 –however anyone aged 16 or 17 would need to have a parental consent form on the day of their jump. We send this out once you are booked on.

A few of our airfields have an upper age limit for tandem jumps: Cornwall has an upper age limit of 65, Lancaster and Whitchurch have a limit of 70 and Perthshire has a limit of 49.

What if I have a disability – can I still jump?

Our airfields will look at each case individually so please contact our fundraising team and we can check for you.

With any medical condition- you will also need to have the medical form signed by a doctor.

What if the weather isn’t looking good?

The one aspect of your day that is out of our control is definitely the weather – if the forecast is looking bad in the days leading up to your jump, you may be contacted by the airfield to reschedule, and you are free to contact the airfield yourself to ask about whether the jump will be going ahead. However, if you have not heard anything to the contrary, you must still turn up to your jump.

Can I have supporters come with me on the day? What time should they arrive?

Of course you can bring along supporters! We would recommend that they arrive about an hour after your arrival time – this would give you time to have your training and get kitted up.

What do I wear?

The airfield will provide you with a jumpsuit on the day. You just need to wear comfortable clothing underneath and suitable tie up shoes (trainers or something similar would be ideal).

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Contact Us

For more information please contact the Fundraising team.
Tel: 020 8548 7089