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Take on a charity wing walk in support of our wounded veterans


Wingwalk for Blesma

The Wingwalk is an exciting experience lasting 10 minutes where supporters are safely strapped to the wing of our beautiful vintage Boeing Stearman Biplane where they will complete a variety of flypasts and manoeuvres with the highlight being a dive from 500ft and a zoom climb with a final “Run and Break” before landing.


  • Dunkeswell Airfield, Devon, EX14 4LG
  • Breighton Aerodrome, Selby, Yorkshire, YO8 6DS
  • Bodmin Airfield, Cornwall, PL30 4BU
  • Chiltern Park, Oxford, OX10 6AS


  • Under 77kg (12stone 2lb)
  • At least 18 years old. If older than 65 you will require a Doctor’s signature confirming your fitness to participate in this experience


Matt's Story...

Matt Weston was just 20 when he lost three limbs to a bomb blast in Afghanistan. 

"All I remember is a flash, my ears ringing, and the sense of falling. I lost both my legs and my right arm below the elbow in the blast. My rehab has been long, slow and difficult. I was in intensive care for a while and was in hospital for three months, and I've just had my fiftieth operation."

"If my chair breaks and I can't repair it, Blesma will get it done. I was in a bad place after my injury but Blesma have been there for me, by my side from day one."

Matt_Weston_017 Hi.jpg
Blesma Member Matt Weston

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