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Wing walk for Blesma and help support our Injured Veterans!

The Wing Walk is an exciting experience lasting 10 minutes where you are safely strapped to the wing of a beautiful vintage Boeing Stearman Biplane and will complete a variety of flypasts and manoeuvres, with the highlight being a dive from 500ft and a zoom climb with a final "Run and Break" before landing.


    • Dunkeswell Airfield,Devon, EX14 4LG
    • Breighton Aerodrome, Selby, Yorkshire, YO8 6DS
    • Bodmin Airfield, Cornwall, PL30 4BU
    • Chiltern Park, Oxford, OX10 6AS

Join Team Blesma...

There is a minimum fundraising total of £599, which includes your deposit, Wing Walk and fundraising.

By taking part in the Wing Walk and fundraising for Blesma, you will be helping our Injured Veterans to live independent and fulfilling lives. Below you can see how your fundraising can help:

    • £10 can help to pay to resolve an issue with a Member's prosthetics.
    • £100 can pay for 5 Members to go on a day trip, such as the theatre, boat trips and gardening activities.
    • £550 can pay for a Member to have a weekend away with their partner and children.


Is there a weight limit?

Yes, you must be under 85kg.

What is the age requirement?

You must  be at least 18 year old.

If you are older than 65 you will require a Doctor’s signature confirming your fitness to participate in this experience. 

Is there a required fitness level?

You must be able to climb up the aircraft to the top wing where the Rig is fixed (about 10 feet).

When can I do the wing walk?

It is available to book every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at different locations throughout the year. 

What should I wear?

Warm but not bulky clothing (no hoodies or scarves), soft soled flat shoes (plimsolls or trainers) and if you wish gloves. You will be provided with goggles and ear plugs. 

No puffer coats allowed.

Can my friends and family watch?

All your friends and family will be more than welcome to watch you. There is a homely café on site which serves both hot and cold dishes as well as a large garden area with unrestricted views of your performance.

Can I wear glasses during the experience?

Yes, all wing walkers will be given goggles to wear during the flight and there are some larger goggles which fit over glasses.

Contact Us

For more information please contact the Fundraising team.
Tel: 020 8548 7089