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Latest News 11 May 2020

Virtual Pain management programme, King Edward VII Hospital

Living with persistent pain can be difficult, affecting all areas of your life. Would you like to attend a free Veteran specific PMP to help you learn ways to manage your pain more effectively?

Following very good feedback from their first virtual PMP King Edwards VVII’S Hospital is able to offer more. The virtual PMP delivers the same content as the face to face PMP without the need for you to travel or stay in London.


“Having attended the PMP I now feel so much more confident with my overall pain management”

“The PMP has been fantastic – it has helped me to be able to get through my day”

“My pain is now more manageable”

The programme has been twice rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The PMP will provide you with practical strategies to help you improve the quality of your life alongside your pain, for example managing physical activity and mood, reviewing pain related medications and help you to understand your pain better in order to feel more confident and in control of the day to day management of your pain.  

The PMP also includes a friends and family day. The PMP is nine days over six weeks with a nine month follow up. King Edward VII's Hospital will provide the assessment and treatment free of charge. Spaces are limited and a GP referral along with Proof of Service will need to be submitted before an assessment can be offered. A computer/laptop or iPad will be needed to take part in the virtual programme.

To apply please contact Caroline Dunne at: or visit here or call 0207 467 4370

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