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Latest News 16 July 2020

Blesma sends congratulations video to five-year-old double amputee Tony Hudgell who raised £1.2m for NHS

Tony Hudgell, 5, lost both of his legs as a result of abuse he suffered as a baby. Inspired by Captain Tom Moore, he set out to raise funds for the NHS by walking every day in June, and while doing so learned to walk on his prosthetic legs.

At first Tony’s adoptive family had hoped that this challenge would help Tony to gain confidence and mobility, but incredibly he was able to raise £1.2 Million for the NHS hospital along the way! The money Tony has raised will go to the children’s hospital that helped him as a baby.

Inspired by Tony’s story, and his determination, Blesma Member and Support Officer Paul Findlay recorded a message, congratulating him, from one amputee to another, on his incredible fundraising efforts. Soon the word got out, and messages from Members all across the country came pouring in, encouraging Tony to keep going, thanking him for his contribution to the NHS, and even offering him snowboarding lessons! Hopefully he will soon be able to take you up on that Darren!  

Graham Latham in the North West said “As an ex-NHS employee, I know that they would be immensely grateful”.  

Brian Chenier, Blesma Support Officer (Prosthetics) said “I work with Military veterans on a daily basis, and I am always inspired by what they are able to achieve. But you young man, are truly amazing and inspiring. You really are a hero.”  

Paula Hudgell, Tony’s adopted mum, was thrilled and moved to tears when she received the heartfelt message. She asked that their family’s thanks be passed on to each of the Members who took time out to record a message.  

Special thanks to: Andy Barlow, Brain Chenier, Darren Swift, Graham Latham, John Williams, Kevin Worsley, Nerys Pearce, Paul Findlay, Rick Clement, Robin Smithers, Vicky Parrett and Stephen Shepherdson. 


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