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Latest News 7 March 2017

Future bride and groom set to take on mud run on their wedding day for Blesma!

A soon-to-be wed couple are taking part in a mud run challenge on their wedding day with their wedding guests! Amputee Rob Copsey and Becky McGuire, who plan to run in Bride and Groom themed costumes, are set to wed at 10am on 13 May in front of 80 guests before they quickly dart across to the Nuclear Races for 12pm. So far the couple have managed to persuade 40 of their wedding guests to take part and run for Blesma, the Limbless Veterans.

Blesma have partnered with Nuclear Races for their award winning fun, tough and gritty obstacle race on 13 May. With a Blesma dedicated wave at 12:40 and with 500 places to fill, wounded veterans taking part are asking you to run alongside them to complete this gruelling 7k race.

Rob nuclear.jpg
Rob is planning to run the Obstacle race in a groom's costume

We got a varied response from the wedding party. It was actually Becky’s idea. We’ve been together a long time and love to take part in fun runs and getting muddy. We’ve been to many weddings and thought it would be something different.

Blesma Member Rob, 46, from Dover, Kent

Whilst the obstacle race will provide a challenge to most, Rob and Becky will also be battling the course with a disability each of some description. Rob, who is a Member of the charity, is a former soldier who lost his leg when he stepped on a landmine whilst serving in Rwanda, and Becky has Type 1 Diabetes, which is pump controlled.

"It’s not a race to us. Just something fun. We have chosen to do this as we feel it reflects our personalities and continuing life in the face of adversities"

Listen to the interview with Rob and Becky on Radio BFBS.

How To Get Involved

Now it’s your chance to help! Blesma want you to take part alongside our wounded veterans! Join the Blesma Wave on 13 May at 12:40 to get involved.


Phone: 0208 548 7089


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