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About the event

A chance for a reset and a health change. Get moving together and experience the beauty that Spain has to offer whilst trying out new activities. Improve your diet and learn tips on how to balance your lifestyle. This week will have a variety of activities including yoga, pilates, cycling, coasteering, paddleboarding and golf

What's involved

  • Open to any Member looking for a change in lifestyle

  • Members must have a valid passport


Do I need to be fit in order to attend?

Not at all, this course is especially designed for Members who are looking for a change in lifestyle.

I’m not sure I will be able to keep up with the rest of the group, due to my level of fitness.

Not a problem. The course will be tailored to the group and the emphasis will be on team work and working out at a pace to suit all Members.

What is the cost to attend the activity?

Blesma activities are free to all Members – the only expense is getting yourself to and from the initial meeting point, which will only ever be in the UK. If funding your travel costs could be a problem, speak to your BSO prior to the activity. 

What is the selection Process?

The activities selection process is done on a need's basis. Those who will benefit the most from attending an activity will be given priority. This is done on the recommendation of their BSO. Those Members who have not attended any activities before, or who have not attended that particular type of activity are considered next. We then look at Members preference and how many events attended previously. Once the initial list is selected, all other applicants go on the reserve list. Should someone drop out, the same process is applied to select someone from the reserve list. 

How much notice will I be given?

Currently, Members who are selected to take part in an activity are given three months' notice. If this notice period is increased, it is highly likely that the drop-out rate will also increase.  If you are selected from the reserve list, your notification will depend on when the person whose place you are taking dropped out. Therefore, we ask Members to contact the Activities Team as soon as they become aware that they will not be able to attend an activity for us to have the best opportunity to offer the place to another Member. 

What does it mean to be on the reserve list?

Being on the reserve list does not automatically mean you will not get to attend the activity. The team currently works on average at a 50 percent dropout rate, meaning almost half of attendees are selected from the reserve list.  We encourage Members to remain on the reserve list unless they are unable to be contacted at short notice.  

I have never been on a Blesma Activity?

Currently, only 4.3 per cent of Members apply for activities. If you are one of the 95.7 per cent who hasn’t been on an activity before, perhaps because you have concerns about how you will cope, or you don’t know what to expect, please get in touch with either your BSO or the Activities Team directly on 020 8548 7094. They can advise on what might be suitable for you. 

Am I deserving of a Blesma Activity? What if others are more in need?

We do not discriminate! Activities are there for all Members and Widows to enjoy. The selection process is to ensure a fair selection, meaning you never have to worry that you are taking the place of someone in higher need.  

Who will lead the activity?

Blesma sets out to have all our events Member- led, however where this is not possible Blesma will source a qualified third party (instructor) or a Blesma Member of staff. If you would like to lead an event Blesma will endeavour to mentor you through the process – including the gaining of qualifications to do so.  

Can I bring a Carer?

If you require a carer to attend an activity due to your needs and requirements, you can request to bring one. Please note, we ask Members to only request carers when absolutely necessary as the place of a carer will take up a Member place.  

I am wheelchair user; will someone be able to push me during the event?

No, if you require someone to assist you with getting around in your wheelchair during the event then we recommend requesting to bring a Carer. Staff and Member leads are there to run the event and do not have the capacity to assist individuals. Please speak to a member of the team if you have any questions or concerns.  

Are all activities accessible for wheelchair users?

We endeavour to make all our activities accessible, however when this isn’t possible this is made known under the Who Can Apply section. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to a member of the activities team 

Can I apply for more than one activity?

Absolutely, Members can apply for up to ten activities at a time. Just make sure to list them in order of preference so you have a higher chance of being selected for the activity you would most like to attend.  


The Lifestyle course changed my life! The instructors were so professional and well prepared. The week had such a positive effect on my life! Before I went on the course last November I weighed 18 stone. Today, I’m down to 17 stone! I was quite depressed before I went but being with other Blesma Members, with people who have a similar condition – really inspired me into thinking; ‘I can do this!’ It made me feel; ‘If they can do it then so can I!’ I can’t recommend this course enough to other Members!

Craig Blakesley

I really enjoyed the activity; it was good meeting the different professionals, and I learned a lot about nutrition

Charmaine Healy



Apply by 15 Jul 2024

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