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Chairman - Anne Macmillan

Vice Chair - Sheila Shepherd

Secretary - Patricia Robinson

Treasurer - David Hobson

Welfare Officer - Gam Gurung

About Us

Our branch encourages and supports Blesma’s fundamental principles of Rehabilitation, Advocacy, Counselling and Care and the support of its members for life.

Our branch also has a long history of helping and reaching out into the community dating back to its inception in 1944 in Croydon before evolving in 1949 and expanding its outreach across the region to Sutton and Merton. From 1951 our branch had a fantastic relationship with “Sutton and District Bowling Association” establishing the ‘BLESMA Pairs’ competition. In 1954 the “Sutton and District Ladies Bowling Association” not wishing to be out done established an annual triples competition called the ‘Frankland Moore BLESMA Triples’ with the winner being awarded a silver rose bowl. Both of these competitions ran annually each year until 2017 and 2016 respectively, which provided vital and much appreciated sponsorship of our branch. The Rose Bowl has now been donated to Sutton Library Museum.

Benefits of membership of this branch includes the opportunities of making new friends, fellowship, regular meetings, social events and regular newsletters. All of which aid peer support, the sharing and learning from personal experiences, reducing loneliness or feelings of isolation and offers emotional comfort and moral support if and where needed. All of which can help to reduce distress, depression and or anxiety. These shared experiences also offer practical advice and tips to help with coping skills to manage the ever changing challenges of living with lifelong and often complex condition(s) and so help to provide a sense of empowerment and/or control.

Our membership is from across Surrey and beyond and is a mixed bag of ages, abilities and type of membership. We have ex-service amputees who have lost limbs either ‘in service’ or in ‘civvi street’ as well as widows and honorary members. We encourage partners and carers to also attend but it is not essential. We have lively and enjoyable meetings usually over a drink and a meal with the obligatory banter. The meetings are held in a function room in the Morden Brook Pub, Lower Morden Lane, Morden Surrey SM4 4SS.

We encourage one and all to come along and join in but there is no pressure and one can do as little or as much as one wishes. So please don’t be shy as we would really like to meet you and join in our friendly and very social branch.

2018 Events

We meet in the function room at the back of the Morden Brook Pub, Lower Morden Lane, Morden Surrey SM4 4SS on Wednesdays. 

General Meetings will be held at 12 noon on 7th February, 6th June, 1st August and 3rd October.  The meetings are followed by lunch.

The Annual General Meeting will be on Wednesday 4th April at 1pm and will be followed by a buffet.   

We have a Christmas lunch early in December.  Branch members will be advised of the date in the June Newsletter.


We are a most welcoming group of Blesma Members, partners and friends from across the region so please feel free to contact us with any questions, or better still, come along to one of our meetings and enjoy a chat with new friends and colleagues over a drink and a bite to eat. We don’t bite… except the sandwiches!

Please be assured that we are a regional branch and so would encourage members to join in from outside of Sutton and Merton.