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Colin Whitworth

Meet Colin Whitworth

Trustee for Blesma since:

25 June 2023

Their Story

Colin served in the Army as an Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO). He lost his left arm in Northern Ireland 1993, when an Improvised Explosive Device he was attempting to render safe detonated.  Despite his injury, Colin continued his military career as a bomb disposal operator and served operationally for over 39 years. He left the Army in February 2022 and now works as a Business Development Manager.

Colin attended his first Blesma Event in 1994, where he witnessed first-hand the value and importance of rehabilitating alongside other members in a challenging environment. He subsequently became a Ski instructor and the Senior Instructor on the Blesma Ski Bike event.  He helped run this event for many years until 2002, when he was asked to represent Blesma on the Colorado Ski Spectacular Rehabilitation Event. As well as running and organising this event for over 20 years as the event lead, he has also organised several fund-raising events for Blesma and provided counselling and advice for many younger members, particularly during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Colin has aspired to be a Blesma trustee for many years.  He is passionate about the Association and serving its Members and is especially keen to give back and repay what he feels Blesma has given him since his injury. 

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