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Latest News 10 June 2020

Tim regains his freedom during lockdown

Blesma Member and double amputee Tim has regained his freedom and independence after Blesma provided him with a wheelchair.

Tim, who joined the Royal Artillery at 16, has been having difficulties using his prosthetic legs, leaving him unable to complete essential food shops or walk his dog.

“At the minute, my prosthetics are not fitting right and it hurts if I walk on them for too long. Limb centres can’t help me right now and the wheelchair I had was too heavy, making it unsuitable to lift into my car as I’ve had many operations on my right wrist,” said the 48-year-old.

Tim has only recently become a double amputee, after his left leg was amputated in 2017, followed by the amputation of his right leg just last year. Tim still requires walking aids when using his prosthetics, making solo food shops an extreme struggle.

“When I try to do a food shop, I’ve had to beg people to help me get my wheelchair out. I had no independence. If I can’t use my prosthetics, I’m stuck indoors every day. I haven’t even been able to walk my dog. I struggle with depression, so being stuck in and social distancing was not helping. That’s when I spoke with my Blesma Support Officer, who said Blesma may be able to provide me with a carbon fibre, lightweight wheelchair that would collapse when I wanted to put it into the car for longer journeys. It has given me back my freedom and independence. Now, I know if I can’t get my prosthetic legs on because my stumps are swollen or sore, I can still go out without needing help.”

“Blesma are now helping me find an adaptive bike, so I can exercise. Everything Blesma has done for me I have been so grateful for. I could not thank them enough."

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