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The Blesma News for 2018 covering news, activities and fundraising events for limbless veterans. 

  • Blesma sail tall ship to Jersey

    15 December 2018

    To commemorate the centenary of the end of WWI an all Blesma crew sailed an adapted tall ship to Jersey and France in August on a rewarding adventure. Meet the crew who set sail on this landmark activity...

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  • Blesma join forces with the Wounded Warrior Project for Soldier Ride

    Wounded Warrior Project
    16 November 2018

    Blesma recently joined forces with veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project in the USA to take part in a 4 day cycle across New York City and Long Island. Blesma Member Alec Beer who lost his leg in Northern Ireland tells his experience.   "Thank you for your service sir!” Turning around to look into the earnest faces of two children, thanking them in return, I continued with my lunch. I was one of six Blesma Members and 50 or so American ex-Service men and women taking part in the Wounded Warrior Project’s threeday cycling event through New

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  • Remembrance Day "Still the most important day of the year"

    Jonny Holloaway
    2 November 2018

    The only thing Jonny Holloway ever wanted to do was be a soldier. It transformed his life for the better and then, one day, it tragically changed his life for the worse. “Waiting for my 12th birthday, so I could join the Army Cadets, felt like forever but it was definitely worth it! I loved it and, five years later, in August 2009, I joined the Army. I was just 17 years old. “In 2013, I deployed on my first tour of Afghanistan. It was one of the last for British Forces, and I was tasked with defending other troops who were closing down the camps and bases.

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  • Blesma: 100 years in the making

    Blesma 100
    8 October 2018

    To commemorate the 100 years since the end of World War I, Blesma has brought together its Members to celebrate their lives, triumphs, service and fortitude through a series of photographs, interviews and stories to create a very special edition of our Blesma magazine. Our 178-page commemorative issue of the magazine features photographs and real-life stories from wounded veterans of all ages, conflicts, nationalities and disabilities who have overcome adversity in their own unique ways with the suppo

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