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How does it work?

For just £1 a week you're in with a chance to win from £5 to £10,000 supporting our vital work with limbless veterans across the UK. It's easy to play and simple to sign up.

Play Now

Join now in 3 simple steps...

  1. Provide an address for us to send you your winnings
  2. Choose your number of entries and decide how many weeks you’ll pay for
  3. Select direct debit or pay easily with credit or debit card

Sign up online now by clicking here or please call our hotline on 0870 050 5891 to join and be in with a chance to win up to £10,000 while supporting our work with veterans across the UK.

How to play?

Everyone plays with a unique 6-digit lottery number, and each week a winning 6-digit number is drawn. All you've got to do is match the winning number to win!

If you match...

3 digits you'll win £5

4 digits you'll win £20

5 digits you'll win £500

6 digits you'll WIN £10,000!

Your digits match if they are in the same place as they are in the winning number...

For example:

325764 – Winning number drawn 

326574 – Example lottery number

This is a 3-number, £5-winning match.

Your £1 a week might go towards funding a visit from a Blesma Support Officer to give emotional support and practical advice to a veteran in need. Or it could help an amputee to stay in their own home by helping to cover the cost of installing specialist equipment such as a stair lift. 

Terms and Conditions

For further information call The Forces Lottery Hotline on 0870 050 589.

We trust we can count on your support, and would like to wish you the best of luck!

Please find the full Terms and Conditions here and FAQ's here.