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Bake for Blesma this February and Support Our Limbless Veterans

Bake for Blesma this Febuary and help support our limbless veterans. Bake sales are a great way to get all your family, friends or colleagues together for a great cause whilst baking up some tasty goods.

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Bake for Blesma

  • Bake for our limbless veterans
  • Fun & delicious way to raise money for Blesma
  • Host a bake sale at your home, work or anywhere!
  • When? February 2017

Blesma is one of the oldest military charities in the UK, having given lifelong support to amputees since World War I. Today, we help those who served in WWII as well as younger generations who have survived complex amputations in more recent conflict. Blesma doesn’t receive any government funding, so we are only able to honour our pledge to continue to be there for our limbless veterans because of our supporters.

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For more information please contact the Fundraising team.
Tel: 020 8548 7089