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UK Clothing Caravan Ltd. is a socially responsible business which specialises in recycling/recovering both used and new textiles, clothing, shoes and fashion accessories from around the UK for the international second-hand market industry. By recovering discarded textiles, we actively divert them from landfill for reuse, which helps to preserve the environment and in turn helps close the loop on post-consumer textile waste, this also provides many people around the world an affordable access to quality apparel. We are extremely thrilled to become a fundraising partner with Blesma to run House to House collections nationwide where we encourage residents to donate their unwanted clothing, shoes and fashion accessories to support the charity. Through our collections we are committed to raising both awareness and vital funds to help Blesma to continue their amazing work.

We are honoured to partner with Blesma particularly because they provide lifelong support to our injured serving and ex-service men, women and their loved ones, which we believe is fantastic

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