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Latest News 19 December 2019

Blesma Members set to ‘connect’ with new app

Blesma Members set to ‘connect’ with new app

Blesma is putting the finishing touches to a new system that will energise communication and engagement between the Association and its Members.

Blesma Connects is an app that can be tailored to each Member’s interests and needs. It will go live at the start of 2020 and will open up new routes to everything from medical information and grants, to national Blesma events and local meetings.

The dynamic digital hub will also make it easier for Members to connect with other Members to take part in local activities and access support. Members will be able to search for, join or create local events, and sign up for news and information based on their personal interests.

“The idea behind the app was to respond to Members’ strong interests in local events and their desire to be connected to other Members and to Blesma,” said Ian Waller, Blesma’s Operations Director. “Blesma Connects will allow each Member to tailor the news and information they receive and will provide a great way to connect with each other.

“Blesma is built on a strong fellowship of Member helping Member, as well as the charity’s central support, and we are constantly looking at ways to make that a better experience. The app is set to be a natural extension of the Blesma ethos and an extra benefit for Members.”

Building a strong community

A six-month research and development programme canvassed the opinions of Members as well as Blesma’s staff and Support Officers, and the clear message was that Members valued more frequent updates and better connection with the Association and other Members.

Blesma Connects will be a secure, Member-only service that focuses on the key results from research such as community building through activities and events, relevant news and information, and greater Member-to-Member connectivity.

Members will be able to message each other through the app and create groups based on shared interests. They will also be able to set the app to give notifications of activities and Blesma news.

“The app is being designed to be a personal and flexible service that will exist in addition to our normal channels of communication and our strong work from Support Officers and Outreach staff,” said Ian. “We listened to the feedback from the research surveys amongst our community and believe that Blesma Connects will serve everyone well, and build on our existing communications.

“Members will be able to use the app to create local groups, which will make event organisation much easier. It will also allow them to simply connect with each other to arrange to meet up and stay connected.

Accessing support and keeping up to date with developments will become more personal. We also know that Members and their families value the strong bonds created by military service, and this will make it easier for them to get together and support each other.

The app, which will be available to download to smartphones, is being developed with Blesma by award-winning agency Way to Blue, which has a wealth of technology experience across the health, wellbeing and lifestyle sectors.

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