Making Generation R - Resilience through inspiration (MGR), was an award-winning storytelling programme developed by The Drive Project and funded by Blesma, the Limbless Veterans.

Created in 2016, Making Generation R trained Blesma Members to develop both their public speaking skills and their personal story of overcoming adversity.

Working with professional Storytellers, and with new Members joining each year, Blesma Members discovered the power of storytelling and many told parts of their stories on a west end stage as part of their training.

Members then went on to share these stories with selected audiences consisting of schools, frontline workers and military organisations as part of a programme to inspire resilience.

During the programme, 110 Blesma Members were trained to tell their story and these stories were heard by over 150,000 people. All workshops were supported by a MGR professional facilitator and audiences were offered the opportunity to ask questions and hear coping strategies that they could go on to use if and when needed.

The programme was successful both in terms of developing storytelling and public speaking skills and boosting confidence for the Blesma Members involved, whilst also spreading the theme of Resilience through inspiration to those audiences who heard the stories.

The programme’s podcast ‘The Resilience Sessions’ was created in 2019 and Making Generation R was awarded the Soldiering on Award for Education, Training & Development in 2021.

Whilst the project closed in 2023, we take great pride in the lasting effect these stories will have on those who told them and those who heard them.

To the Members who participated in MGR and told their stories - thank you.

For Blesma Members who are interested in participating in our exciting new storytelling program, please click here

We would also like to thank everyone who hosted a workshop or talk and listened and contributed.

For more information on The Drive Project, please visit their website https://thedriveproject.co.uk/ or email admin@thedriveproject.co.uk