Making Generation R Talks

Talks for First Responders and Frontline Services

One of the most effective ways to encourage resilience is through inspiration from others who have overcome difficulties in their lives.

That’s why the Making Generation R campaign supports injured veterans to take their inspiring stories about overcoming adversity to workplaces and educational centres across the UK, including First Responders and Frontline Services.

  • These sessions are completely free 
  • They are available from November 2019-July 2020
  • A workshop can last for either 45 or 90 minutes

Download our PDF pack to learn more about Making Generation R Talks. 

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  • NHS Nursing Student

    "The stories made me look at how I could better address challenges"

  • Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service

    “It has made me more determined to push to break down the stigma of mental health issues and get people talking”

Who are the Talks for?

Making Generation R Talks are available to all First Responders and Frontline Services. These include, but are not limited to;

  • The NHS
  • Police
  • Fire Services
  • Coast Line First Responders
  • Social Workers
  • Homelessness First Responders
  • Healthcare First Responders

If you are not listed above please get in touch

About our Talks

Blesma Resilience Talk (minimum 45 minutes)

Resilience Talks are available for any number of people. The veterans will tell their personal story of overcoming adversity followed by a short Q&A facilitated by a professional workshop facilitator with the aim to inspire and motivate your team.

Your team will;
● Experience a real example of someone who has faced adversity, overcome this and gone on to live a fulfilled life

● Recognise helpful and unhelpful coping strategies in themselves and others

● Hear examples of positive and negative patient experiences

Blesma Resilience Workshop (minimum 90 minutes)

If you think your team would benefit from a bespoke Resilience Workshop, then please fill out the booking form. Please note, that the maximum Workshop size is 30 people.

Empowering veterans

All veterans who deliver their story have taken part in an intensive 5-day training course delivered by West End theatre professionals and public speaking trainers who help them to structure their personal stories of disaster and triumph in an engaging way before they go out and share them with the workshop recipients.