Our Impact

Our approach to developing resilience in young people is working. With minimal input from the teachers, our sessions are effective in helping students develop strategies to deal with everyday issues by improving their self-esteem, confidence and by reducing anxiety.

Feedback from the 2017 workshops show:

  • All teachers (100%) said their pupils were more motivated and positive, and inspired for a long time after the workshop.
  • Almost all teachers (94%) stated the workshop was effective in developing their students’ grit and determination.
  • Nearly all students (90%) felt inspired by the workshops and felt that it might help them deal with personal difficulties (96%).
  • Nine in 10 of the students (88%) felt more resilient as a result of taking part and 95% felt they had a better understanding of how to overcome adversities.

The workshops also help veterans adjust to civilian life and offer a way for them to make a positive contribution to their local communities.

All of the veteran participants in 2017 described the project as being ‘very effective’ or ‘effective’ in developing their self-esteem, self-expression, confidence and communication.

Continue reading below for further testimonials from teachers and students that have participated in the workshops.

Many of our students face adversity in their lives. The workshop gave them strategies to remain positive and face those difficulties

Making Generation R workshops are available to all educational settings for students aged 11-18 year's old. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Mainstream and Private Secondary Schools
  • S.E.N Schools
  • Alternative Education Centres
  • Hospital Schools
  • Young Carers Centres
  • Cadets
  • Guides

If you are an educational centre not listed above please get in touch.

  • Student

    "The stories were very touching and told really well, I found them fascinating. I have more respect for people who work in the forces and didn’t realise before how life-changing doing that work can be. I felt quite emotional but also happy that we could learn from the stories.

    I understand now that if you are having a hard time you have to seek help and have motivation. If these men can work through their adversities, I feel like I can definitely work through mine."


  • Painsley Catholic College

    "I truly think that Blesma are amazing and probably the best organisation that I have ever worked with. We have met some of the most inspirational people - it has been a pleasure working with you. 

    The Blesma Member's talk was superb, emotive and generally inspiring. Our Year 9 students were incredibly moved and I know got so much from it in relation to resilience and the power of positivity"

  • Student

    "[You] learn a lot, [it] hits you hard because you get the stories first and can see the passion/ emotion."

  • Pilgrims Independent School

    "I wanted to take the time to thank you and the Blesma team for arranging absolutely fantastic workshops across our 4 bases last week.  The Blesma members stories were amazing and demonstrated adversity and how each member in their own way have worked hard to deal with it and move forward in their lives. 

    As a hospital school all our pupils deal day to day with various adversities such as their mental health; childhood traumas and illnesses and achieving full engagement is always a challenge.  The pupils who attended the briefings were completely engaged in both the Blesma members story and the facilitated session; what was achieved over those 4 days is absolutely immense. 

    I know that all the pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and a number of pupils have continued to discuss the sessions with staff days after the event."

  • Student

    “I learned that you’re not alone, when you are faced with problems”


  • Spear Alternative Education Centre

    "‘We really enjoyed your focus on a person’s mindset being able to overcome obstacles and become resilient; this is a key part of our curriculum and to have your expertise reinforce that was key to our trainees"

  • Student

    “I was really surprised at his mental recovery, which gave me some thoughts that everybody can cope with any issues”


  • St. John’s wood academy

    ‘We have had an amazing visit from the Blesma Member, the pupils have loved it. For our SEN students to sit and engage in a workshop for a length of time and not show any negative behaviours is testament to your team. I can only thank you and them for this’