About Making Generation R

As a teacher, you will know that young people today increasingly struggle with feelings of anxiety, self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Students are faced with everything from exam anxiety, bullying, family problems to social media-driven insecurities about their abilities and appearance.

In this environment, learning to be resilient can make a big difference to young people’s lives. Government research shows that resilience contributes to healthy behaviours, higher-qualifications and better mental wellbeing. We think that one of the most effective ways to create resilience in young people is through inspiration from others who have overcome difficulties in their lives.

That’s why we support injured veterans to take their powerful and inspiring stories about overcoming adversity into schools to help teach young people about everyday resilience.

The free workshops and assemblies inspire and motivate young people, while also giving injured veterans a purpose and positive role in their local communities. With minimal input from teachers, the sessions are effective in helping students develop strategies to deal with everyday issues.

Over 45,000 students have already taken part in the workshops, with great results. Of the teachers who have experienced the workshop, 100% said that their pupils were more motivated, positive, and inspired for a long time. And almost all students said that they felt inspired and more resilient after taking part in the workshops, and that they had a better understanding of how to overcome adversities.

We have already started to make an impact, but we know we can do much more. We want to help a further 30,000 young people by the end of 2019.

Workshops are free and available throughout the 2018-2019 academic year.

Together we can help nurture Generation R; a generation that is resilient and equipped to handle the challenges life will inevitably throw their way.

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The workshop was an exceptionally powerful and worthwhile experience for all students who attended