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Following the overwhelming success in 2017 of our Blesma Community Programme, we are delighted to announce that we are now taking school bookings throughout February-July 2018 for the programme of talks and workshops delivered by Blesma's wounded veterans.

The Blesma Community Programme is an annual course that continues to inspire and motivate by training Blesma Members in story-telling and public speaking, enabling participants to take their stories of overcoming adversity into schools and community groups to help others deal with every day issues and challenges.

Blesma Members – of whom each has an incredible story waiting to be told, put themselves forward for the BCP training before embarking on an intensive 5-day training course delivered by West End theatre professionals and public speaking trainers from the Drive Project who help them to structure their personal stories of disaster and triumph in an engaging way before they go out and share them in the community with the purpose of inspiring and motivating young people from all walks of life.

About the workshops:

  • The workshops are free
  • A workshop can last for 1 or 1.5 hours. 20-30-minute school assemblies are also available
  • Workshops are suitable for ages 11-18 - We allow a maximum of 30 students per workshop - All that we ask you to provide is a large enough space for the students to move around - a school hall or large enough studio space is ideal!
  • Our team are all DBS checked
  • Workshops are available from February - July 2018 and dates are flexible to suit your school

The aim is to:

  • Inspire those who are listening
  • Understand what it is to overcome adversity and promote how to be resilient
  • Encourage healthy behaviours
  • Improve confidence, self-esteem and make ind­­­ividuals realise that we all go through tough times
  • To improve interpersonal skills and relationships

How do I book a workshop?

Book a free workshop by e-mailing OR phone us 0203 051 9854

I felt that hearing Blesma Members’ stories would help and inspire kids, I understand the peer pressure, adversity and bullying they go through so I wanted to do my bit.

BCP Participant , Nigel Woodward
“If it helps one teenager have a hard look in the mirror and change then it is worth it.”

I really appreciate you coming in and we would love to have you back I particularly liked how you related adversity and personal problems back to the young people."

Teacher, February 2017
workshop image 1.JPG
"It was the best talk of the year. I love the way I got to experience hope"

It inspired me to follow what I want to do and overcome obstacles.

Student, February 2017

Benefits to Members

Some Members have never spoken about their injuries in public, whereas some are already seasoned motivational speakers. All of them – regardless of background, experience or injury – learn something valuable, some have even called it ‘a kind of therapy’ that has allowed them to reconcile their trauma in their minds.

Talking to a group can help you find your voice again – it certainly did that for me. This has provided a new career path for me that I would never have expected. You’re a band of brothers and sisters again – you train and rehearse together for a job, and then you go out and do it. There’s an adrenaline rush for sure, and it’s a lot of fun

BCP Participant Darren 'Swifty' Swift

This is a great example of Blesma helping out in local communities and making a real difference to the lives of others. Members show the students it is possible to be scared and vulnerable but brave and dynamic at the same time. Meanwhile Members learn valuable skills such as public speaking and class management, and they are even paid for their time as well. Those who have taken part in the programme say it has greatly increased their confidence and enhanced work prospects.

Alice Driver , Founder of The Drive Project

How do I sign up as a Blesma Member?

If you’re a Member interested in taking part in the Blesma Community Programme register your interest with Tuesday Critchfield by emailing