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About the event

Based at one of the prestigious Warner hotels, the week focuses on relaxing and socialising with gentle activities and sightseeing in and around Somerset and the surrounding areas.

What's involved?

  • Opportunities to relax and socialise
  • Open to Members, spouses and widow(er)s over the age of 60

What’s the difference between the Seniors’ Week and Widows’ week?

Both events are very similar in activities but the Seniors’ week is open to both Widows and Members of Blesma. You can expect to be in mixed company whilst enjoying gentle activities and sightseeing trips in and around the North West. 

Is there any age limit to apply?

The Seniors’ Weeks is open to Members, spouses and widow(er)s over the age of 65. 

Will transport be provided during the activity?

Yes, you will be transferred by the Blesma mini bus throughout your stay. All we ask is that you make your own way to and from the venue.

Will it cost me to attend?

Blesma activities are free to all Members – the only expense is getting yourself to and from the initial meeting point. If funding your travel costs could be a problem, speak to your BSO.

What is the selection process?

The activities selection process is done on a needs basis. Those who will benefit the most from attending an activity will be given priority. This is done on the recommendation of their BSO. Those Members who have not attended any activities before, or who have not attended that particular type of activity before are considered next. Once the initial list is selected, all other applicants go on the reserve list. Should someone drop out, the same process is applied to select someone from the reserve list.

How much notice will I be given?

Currently, Members who are selected to take part in an activity are given three months’ notice. If this notice period is increased, it is highly likely that the drop-out rate will also increase.

If you are selected from the reserve list, your notification will depend on when the person whose place you are taking dropped out. This is why we ask Members to contact the Activities Team as soon as they become aware that they will not be able to attend an activity. In doing so. That way, we have the best opportunity to offer the place to another Member.

How does the reserve list work?

Being on the reserve list does not automatically mean you will not get to attend the activity. In 2017, 54 per cent of people selected for an activity dropped out, meaning that almost half of attendees for all activities were selected from the reserve list. In 2017, 97 per cent of slots were filled despite the high drop-out rate. The remaining three per cent were mostly last-minute cancellations that were too late notice to fill (i.e. the day before).

I have never been on a Blesma activity?

Currently, only 4.3 per cent of Members apply for activities. If you are one of the 95.7 per cent who hasn’t been on an activity before, perhaps because you have concerns about how you will cope, or you don’t know what to expect, please get in touch with either your BSO or the Activities Team directly on 020 8548 3519. They can advise on what might be suitable for you.

Who will lead the activity?

Blesma Support Officers and Outreach Officers lead the events. In addition, of around 50 activities run in 2017, 22 were led by Members. We rely on Members volunteering to lead an activity, so if you are interested in doing that – please let us know! Do note that you will need to be qualified for some events.

Am I deserving of a Blesma activity, what if others are more in need?

We do not discriminate! Activities are there for all Members and Widows to enjoy.

I have not had the confidence to join these sorts of events and eventually gave in to pressure from my wife to participate. It was a fantastic and liberating experience. One I thoroughly enjoyed so would be happy to encourage other members to be brave and join in.

Roy Townsend

I was asked, as a Blesma Widow, why did did I apply for Seniors’ Week?
I love the activities and the good company; the Widows, seniors, and couples. It makes for amazing conversation and it beats going on holiday on your own!
The highlight of the week was the evening at the Last Night of the Proms, the food, the company... it’s been one fantastic thing after another!



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For more information please contact the Activities Team.
Tel: 0208 548 7094