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About the event

We are all facing uncertainty with many of us being asked to balance working life with the unexpected stresses that everyday life seems to be handing out to us. Working with clay can provide a 'soft responder' to the reactions and emotions that may be bubbling up right now.  It can be messy but it always tidies up at the end!
We will begin with a very short welcome from Sarah. After a short mindfulness exercise, the main activity will be the guided making of a pinch/thumb pot, which should take around 20-25 minutes. The focus will be on our personal connection with the material rather than technical perfection as the technical outcome is less important than the process in this instance.  The focus will be on working slowly and in rhythm with the breath.  There should be time for those who wish to share their reflections after making. 

Whats involved?

  • No experience with clay or mindfulness practice necessary and there is no need for any specialist potters tools. 
  • If you have taken part before, there will be the opportunity to develop different approaches to making a pinch pots if you wish.

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If you would like to take part please email