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Explore the world of Blesma with the association's bespoke new App!

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Blesma has been at the forefront of connecting limbless and wounded veterans with one another for the best part of a century. In the early days, it was a network of local Branches that united our Members and, despite not being as prevalent as they once were, their ethos has been central to Blesma’s thinking as it looks ahead to the next 100 years.

This is because the Association has launched Blesma Connects, a dynamic digital hub that will bring Members closer together by fostering independence, mutual support, and a camaraderie from shared experiences – key aspects of Blesma’s values.

The free app, which is available to download and use on smartphones and tablets, will open up new channels of communication for Members, making it easier for them to organise local activities and keep up to date with information.

The functionality and customer journey have been designed so that Members can access as much or as little of the service as they require. The app will energise the activities experience, for example, as Members will be able to apply for an activity directly through the service, and then meet with others who are going on the trip, discuss plans with them or the activity team, and share experiences from previous events. It will also make it easier for the Activities Team and BSOs to coordinate events and collate feedback, which will, in turn, influence future activities.

We carried out research among Members and used their feedback to design a secure service that will make the most of what Blesma offers.

Free download

You will need a smartphone or tablet to download. If you feel you need help with your digital knowledge, please contact your BSO to discuss access to training and equipment.

Download from the Apple/iTunes store

Download on Google Play

Can I still contact Blesma?

Of course. You can still call, write or email us as you always have.

Is this a secure service?

Yes. Everything you store or send on the app will be private, unless you choose to share it.

I need some help signing up...

Just contact your OO or Blesma Chelmsford, who will be happy to help!

Is there an anti-bullying policy?

There is a strict code of conduct for use of the app.