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Fill out this form to apply to become a Member of Blesma. The form will go to our membership team who will oversee your application from there.

Membership categories are...

  • Ordinary Membership includes those who lost limbs in Service and those who have lost the use of limbs as a result of Service. It is also open to those who suffer a permanent loss of speech, hearing or sight of an eye. Service must have been in any branch of Her Majesty's Forces or Auxiliary Forces.
  • Associate Membership¬†is open to all Ex-Service Men and Women who lose a limb or an eye other than through Service-related causes. It is also open to all Men and Women of civilian status who lose a limb or an eye as a result of War Service or enemy action.
  • Honorary Membership¬†is open by invitation of the Trustees to all men and women who accept and support the objectives of the Association. Such category of Member shall only have the right to vote when holding or occupying a Branch Appointment.

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